CARES members Cath Regan (front left) & Margaret Brown (front right) attended the  NHS Foundation Trust Plan Meeting on 12 March 2012 at Church Road in Formby. Also pictured at the event is Councillor Barry Griffiths and Christina Sarsfield.

CARES Co – Chair Cath Regan reiterated to NHS Chief Executive Jonathan Parry, the need for emergency children’s services in the region. Mr Parry retorted with a comment that he had “already debated” that issue before, but would continue to listen to what people said.​​

 CARES continue to fight for our children's services! 


Other Meetings

On Urgent care facilities for our Children.

Monday 7.00 pm, 22 Nov. 2010.

Venue: Christ Church, Lord Street, Southport.

Videos from the event




Nov 26 2010 - Southport Visiter report

Parents’ anger at an emergency meeting, organised to discuss the damning report on a children’s minor injuries unit in Southport


A stakeholders meeting was held at Southport and Formby Hospital on Friday 
Friday 21 January 2011 at 4pm

Report below accessed from the Southport Party site: 




Libdem Candidate for Dukes Ward in the 2012 Election, Tony Dawson, made inaccurate and highly misleading claims in his so-called ‘Southport’s Choice’ political doorstep literature about the CARES-organised Southport Protest March over hospital cuts.


Above: Mr Dawson’s spurious and inaccurate political leaflet claims.

Tony Dawson has released, in his political leaflet, bogus claims that he alone “led off” the massive CARES Protest March in ‘2003’. This claim is entirely untrue!


Mr Dawson also got his facts wrong as reports in the press stated that an estimated ‘4000’ marchers attended the protest and not “3000” as he erroneously claimed is his ‘Southport’s Choice’ leaflet.


To add insult to injury observant readers may have noticed another additional, and very significant, blunder in Mr Dawson’s political attempt to change the reality of the CARES March. He wrongly stated that the March took place in “2004.” In fact the March took place on Sunday 17th August ‘2003’. Clearly, attention to detail matters very little to this politician. Mr Dawson was in fact merely a temporary stand-in for Dr John Pugh MP. Dr Pugh did ‘not’ attend the March and chose instead to controversially go on his summer vacation when this significant protest event occurred.

​​​The CARES March was very much a team effort. Mr Dawson was in fact ‘not’ even a member of the CARES pressure group. He was only a substitute for the MP.


Incidentally, Dr Pugh and some others were later democratically ‘expelled’ from the CARES group for not working with the main aims of the whole group. CARES stated:

“Such blatant political electioneering by Tony Dawson is highly questionable. It is inaccurate, shameful and grossly unfair for this self-seeking politician to try and take sole credit for a serious protest march that was initiated in good faith to help the town regain its lost children’s A&E services. Mr Dawson should apologise immediately! “

CARES wish to make it very clear that Mr Dawson’s barefaced political ambitions should NOT sully the good name of the Southport Protest March.

CARES continue to fight for our lost services to be reinstated.

NB. Regardless of the above political inaccuracies in Mr Dawson’s political literature, the trusting residents of Dukes Ward in Southport went on to elect Mr Dawson as their new councillor on 3 May 2012.